For service to you ambulance or rescue vehicle please call one of our offices. We have service technicians ready to respond and usually we can have you back up and running within 48 hours.

North Carolina/South Carolina:  252-757-3787 or 1-800-326-3787
Virginia:  540-904-2281

In North Carolina we are offering 24 hour service, 365 days a year.  Your ambulance may break down at any minutes.  We have a service technician on call to cover NC 24 hours a day to handle any of the ambulance failures that could occur.  Currently Select Custom Apparatus is the only ambulance provider offering 24 hour service.  We will work on any manufacturer’s ambulance.   For after hour’s service, please call:

NC - Robert Doughtery - 1-252-717-4039

VA - Daniel Leffel -  1-540-598-7946

SC - Kent Cummings  - 1-803-840-5921

- John Lynch (252) 414-2972


- Curis Pate  1-804-822-6314

- Jamie Norville (252) 714-2668 OR  Robert Daugherty (252) 717-4039

- Steve Burress (252) 813-6823


- Joe Carney (840)332-0656


- NC Office  1-800-326-3787

Please contact our main office if you are unsure who the salesman is assigned to your area